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Being passionate for business development and growth, du Pré (Guernsey) Ltd specialises in helping you steer a true track to success whilst navigating the many confusing and unseen hazards en route.

Whether you're a start-up or an established company wondering whether to diversify or where your profit is going, we would love to help.

Having built businesses from idea to multiple millions, call us for a free and confidential initial chat.

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Piers du Pré
du Pré (Guernsey) Ltd


Piers du Pré

Piers du Pré


Piers du Pré began his professional career as an airline pilot with BOAC and British Airways, flying the Boeing 707 world-wide.

In addition to route flying Piers was asked to join the airline’s training section where he became responsible for pilot, command and management training.

Business start-up and growth

An idea sparked in 1979 and Piers created the first private Telecoms in the UK, du Pré plc.

As the business expanded, telecom companies Solar and Eurotel were acquired. When Piers saw the potential of telecoms becoming IP based, an IT division was created.


Becoming involved with fee-paying schools, Double First Ltd was acquired for its Management Information Systems (MIS) software and in 2013, Accounting Office Software Ltd was added to the du Pré Group for its highly accomplished accounting software.


In 2010, with boating being Piers’ hobby, Piers started two specialist marine companies. du Pré Marine Ltd and Kahlenberg UK Ltd. Both are now run by his son, Toby du Pré.

du Pré (Guernsey) Ltd

Piers and his wife Lin moved to Guernsey in March 2013 where they began du Pré (Guernsey) Ltd, a business consultancy and management training company.

This has led to being asked for help with sales, marketing, photography, websites and their construction.

Sharing our knowledge and watching the fruit that comes directly from our consultancy, is so rewarding.

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