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Beaucette Marina

Beaucette Marina

Beaucette Marina, beautiful and tranquil
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The brief was simple. ‘How do we encourage more visitors to this beautiful marina?’


Research showed some boaters avoided Beaucette Marina, believing the entrance was narrow and that once in the marina there was little to do.

Neither of these reasons was accurate and needed to be overcome.

New website

The next question was how to portray reality? Answer: ensure the marina’s ‘shop window’, the website, is up to date and portraying reality.

Working with the web design and marketing team at du Pré plc, du Pré (Guernsey) Ltd created Beaucette Marina’s new website which was launched on 16 December 2013.

We hope you find it helps portray the marina in its true light to help encourage visitors.

Piers du Pré
17 December 2013

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