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Beaucette Restaurant’s new site

Chef Patron James and his wife Valerie

Chef Patron James and his wife Valerie
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We are pleased to announce the successful release of the new website we created for the Restaurant at Beaucette Marina.


Although we had considerable periods of poor weather, we are really pleased with the photography.

There remain two additional pictures we need, but this has not delayed the release of the website.


Choosing the URL is so important for a new website. After discussion, it was agreed that ‘therestaurantatbeaucettemarina.com’ would be far too long and cumbersome, and ‘beaucettemarinarestaurant.com’ was also too long.

Having taken a poll, ‘beaucetterestaurant.com’ was chosen.

Live date

The restaurant’s new website went live on 30th January 2014, a week ahead of schedule.

Comments so far show us Chef James and Valerie are pleased with the site and the response from others who have had previews.

Piers du Pré
1 February 2014

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