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www.msg is launched

The Medical Specialist Group's new logo

The Medical Specialist Group’s new logo

The Medical Specialist Group’s new website was launched in October.

With another company engaged to create the site’s framework, du Pré (Guernsey) Ltd’s input was directed mainly to the wording, site navigation, photography and the correct use of ‘webspeak’.

The Logo

Rather than adopt a full-scale change to the logo, a simple colour reversal of the original was chosen.


du Pré (Guernsey) Ltd took and provided the four food photographs used in the ‘Private hospital room’ section of Flexibility and Choice.

Some additional photography remains to be taken of staff members, mainly to replace the ‘mug shots’ used in the original site. This will bring a brighter and more personal look to the site.

Medical Specialist Group website.

Piers du Pré
8 July 2014

Medical Specialist Group, Guernsey

The Medical Specialist Group's original logo

The Medical Specialist Group’s original logo

Following a meeting with Debbie Guillot, CEO of the Medical Specialist Group in Guernsey, Piers du Pré has been asked to join her team specifically charged with advising on their new website.

What does The Medical Specialist Group do?

The Medical Specialist Group provides emergency and elective specialist medical services for the Bailiwick of Guernsey within the secondary health care framework of Guernsey, in partnership with the Health and Social Services Department.

The new website’s message

The main message of the website is simple. To demonstrate the focus on the patient.

Logo, Branding, Photography

In addition to the new site’s construction and wording, the logo and branding will be reviewed as well as benefitting from fresh photography throughout.

The Victoria Wing

The Victoria Wing is the private patients’ wing of the of Guernsey’s Princess Elizabeth Hospital and as such will have its webpage re-designed.

Launch Date

The sites are planned to be launched in September 2014.

Piers du Pré
8 July 2014

Keto UK Ltd

A Webasto hot water furnace

A Webasto hot water furnace
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This is becoming really interesting. We’ve received another order for a website and more are under discussion.

Another new website

This time, we’ve been contacted by the largest Webasto Distributor on the UK’s south coast, and asked to create a new website for them.

Something new

At the moment, Keto UK has a holding page which has been in place for a long time.

Now, Keto wants a fully operational website with a completely new concept.

Many disciplines

Keto UK Ltd fits and maintains Heating and Air-con systems, Generators, Inverters and Calorifiers throughout Europe.

All disciplines of vessel are catered for, from leisure through superyacht to commercial including north sea offshore support boats.

In addition, Keto UK is Webasto’s main European warranty company.

The plan

Keto is moving into a bespoke business unit in Poole during the winter. hence, the plan for this site is to launch it in early 2015.

Piers du Pré
29 March 2014

Delta Training

a child suffers a coronary arrest

a child suffers a coronary arrest?
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Intensive day

Having had an intensive day yesterday capturing photographs and double re-checking copy, Dawn Bagnall and I agreed her new website should go live today.

Future Development

Given the interest shown in bespoke courses, Dawn is planning a series of new courses including Sea Survival for non-boaters.

Piers du Pré
29 March 2014

Beaucette Restaurant’s new site

Chef Patron James and his wife Valerie

Chef Patron James and his wife Valerie
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We are pleased to announce the successful release of the new website we created for the Restaurant at Beaucette Marina.


Although we had considerable periods of poor weather, we are really pleased with the photography.

There remain two additional pictures we need, but this has not delayed the release of the website.


Choosing the URL is so important for a new website. After discussion, it was agreed that ‘therestaurantatbeaucettemarina.com’ would be far too long and cumbersome, and ‘beaucettemarinarestaurant.com’ was also too long.

Having taken a poll, ‘beaucetterestaurant.com’ was chosen.

Live date

The restaurant’s new website went live on 30th January 2014, a week ahead of schedule.

Comments so far show us Chef James and Valerie are pleased with the site and the response from others who have had previews.

Piers du Pré
1 February 2014

Delta Training

Casualty assessment whilst carrying out First Aid Training

Casualty assessment whilst carrying out First Aid Training
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It’s interesting how word travels.

The Beaucette Marina website we launched before Christmas has been a significant success.

As a result, we were asked to create a site for the Beaucette Marina Restaurant by Chef Patron James and his wife Valerie. Their site is planned to go live on 1 February 2014.

Delta Training

A further result is that Delta Training, a company which specialises in First Aid and Health and Safety training in Guernsey, has asked us to create a new website for them.

This will an interesting project and much ‘situational’ photography will need to take place – staged, of course!

Launch date

Provided weather holds for the photography, the plan is to launch the site in March 2014. Meanwhile, we have arranged a temporary holding page, here.

Piers du Pré
22 January 2014

Beaucette Restaurant

Chef Patron James in the kitchen

Chef Patron James in the kitchen
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Given the success of the Beaucette Marina website, we have been asked to create a website for the Restaurant at Beaucette Marina.

Having taken the restaurant over in June 2012, Chef James and Val Scowen have successfully built its reputation as one of the finest restaurants in Guernsey.


Being winter, we have concerns over the required photography. We will see how we cope.

Planned launch date

The plan is to create the site during January for release in early February 2014.

Piers du Pré
23 December 2013

Beaucette Marina

Beaucette Marina

Beaucette Marina, beautiful and tranquil
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The brief was simple. ‘How do we encourage more visitors to this beautiful marina?’


Research showed some boaters avoided Beaucette Marina, believing the entrance was narrow and that once in the marina there was little to do.

Neither of these reasons was accurate and needed to be overcome.

New website

The next question was how to portray reality? Answer: ensure the marina’s ‘shop window’, the website, is up to date and portraying reality.

Working with the web design and marketing team at du Pré plc, du Pré (Guernsey) Ltd created Beaucette Marina’s new website which was launched on 16 December 2013.

We hope you find it helps portray the marina in its true light to help encourage visitors.

Piers du Pré
17 December 2013