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Delta Training

Casualty assessment whilst carrying out First Aid Training

Casualty assessment whilst carrying out First Aid Training
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It’s interesting how word travels.

The Beaucette Marina website we launched before Christmas has been a significant success.

As a result, we were asked to create a site for the Beaucette Marina Restaurant by Chef Patron James and his wife Valerie. Their site is planned to go live on 1 February 2014.

Delta Training

A further result is that Delta Training, a company which specialises in First Aid and Health and Safety training in Guernsey, has asked us to create a new website for them.

This will an interesting project and much ‘situational’ photography will need to take place – staged, of course!

Launch date

Provided weather holds for the photography, the plan is to launch the site in March 2014. Meanwhile, we have arranged a temporary holding page, here.

Piers du Pré
22 January 2014

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