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Being passionate for business development and growth, du Pré (Guernsey) Ltd specialises in helping you steer a true track to success whilst navigating the many confusing and unseen hazards en route.

Whether you're a start-up or an established company wondering whether to diversify or where your profit is going, we would love to help.

Having built businesses from idea to multiple millions, call us for a free and confidential initial chat.

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Piers du Pré
du Pré (Guernsey) Ltd


Having guided five of his own companies from start-up to multi-million, Piers du Pré now consults and guides other companies through managing strategic growth.

Management arenas

There are many areas within the management arena. Each can sound pompous, challenging and intimidating.

Over the years, Piers has developed a style and course content that will put you at ease whilst inspiring staff to greater heights.

  • Personal development
  • Change management
  • Measuring to manage
  • Helping managers to know how to manage

Free brain

Remember that for every pair of hands you hire, you get a free brain.

For a confidential initial chat, please call Piers.

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