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Medical Specialist Group, Guernsey

The Medical Specialist Group's original logo

The Medical Specialist Group’s original logo

Following a meeting with Debbie Guillot, CEO of the Medical Specialist Group in Guernsey, Piers du Pré has been asked to join her team specifically charged with advising on their new website.

What does The Medical Specialist Group do?

The Medical Specialist Group provides emergency and elective specialist medical services for the Bailiwick of Guernsey within the secondary health care framework of Guernsey, in partnership with the Health and Social Services Department.

The new website’s message

The main message of the website is simple. To demonstrate the focus on the patient.

Logo, Branding, Photography

In addition to the new site’s construction and wording, the logo and branding will be reviewed as well as benefitting from fresh photography throughout.

The Victoria Wing

The Victoria Wing is the private patients’ wing of the of Guernsey’s Princess Elizabeth Hospital and as such will have its webpage re-designed.

Launch Date

The sites are planned to be launched in September 2014.

Piers du Pré
8 July 2014

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